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What do our customers have to say about Hank’s legendary Lowcountry couisine?

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“The crab cakes are phenomenal! Hanks had a food tent set up on Bay St in Beaufort. Plums restaurant was set up next to them. Both serving crab cakes so, we had a competition between Hanks and Plums. Hanks won by a landslide. Hanks crab cakes are huge with large lumps of crab. It’s what you think of when you think of crab cakes. Plums are good but, they are not traditional. Go to Hanks!!”

Mandy A.

“Look…this must be the best crab cake and she crab soup we ever had. The crab cake was just that crab. No fillers just great tasting chunks of crab. It was heavenly!! The she crab soup was just as delicious and it surprised us with the large pieces of crab.  The staff answered my questions and definitely helped in making my decision!

Faith C.

Hanks crab cakes are phenomenal. My husband and I both agreed that they are, slap yo Mama in the face, absolutely delicious!

William K.

Our office holiday gathering was catered by Hank’s Lowcountry She Crab Soup. The food was delicious and the staff was exceptional! They went above and beyond to ensure an enjoyable experience. We cannot thank them enough. We highly recommended this business for all of your catering and event needs. Thanks again to the Yaden family for your hospitality. We give you 5 stars!!

Taylar B.

We bought the she crab soup and the crab cakes at the Hilton Head Farmers Market today. Both were excellent and more crab than ever expected. So good! Looking forward to the opening of their restaurant.

Mollie I.

I spent a week in and around Hilton Head. In that time, I tried 1/2 dozen crab cakes at as many restaurants. Hanks was the best by far! Huge crab cakes, very reasonable prices and FANTASTIC flavor. He was at the Bluffton flea market, if you get a chance, go and have his crab cakes. They are worth the trip!

David A.

Best bisque and crab soup I have had in a long time. Very tasty I definitely would recommend this to anyone who enjoys seafood.  Hank and Jeff are delightful to talk to.

Vera L.

I guess this was my lucky week because I was lucky enough to be able to experience the best She Crab soup that I have ever had.  Not only was I able to experience the amazing soup, I was also able to eat the best crab cakes that I have ever tasted.  Hank and his wife are so nice and friendly and they actually gave us a lesson on how to cook and eat crab.  I wondered how “She Crab” got it’s name so Hank gave a little history on that as well.  I feel so lucky to have experienced this treat.  I am now wondering how I can get back to South Carolina so I can do this all over again.

Patti P.

Sweet Jesus  I was  in Hilton head from Ohio and ran into this food truck.  Crab cakes and soup are GREAT!  I now think I’ve never had real crab cake until now.  The soup was great as well, wish we could take him back to O-H-I-O.  Great surprise for me my husband bring this back to the condo.

Kelly G.

Hands down the best crab cake we’ve had! No breading, just crab and lots of it. Can’t wait to have it again. Hanks Lowcountry is the best!

Maryellen S.

Best Crabs we have ever had! A must if at Sea Pines in Hilton head On Tuesday at farmers market!!

Anamarie D.

A MUST whenever I’m in Beaufort. To say that his crab cakes are awesome will be an understatement, what makes it even better is watching him cook it right in front of you. Oh and the dip, gosh we can never have too much of that she crab dip with crackers, have to call and reserve though, it gets sold out pretty quick. See you guys again soon…say hi to Winston for me

Althea B.

We love getting up on Saturdays going to the Farmers market ( Port Royal, SC) and getting Mr.Hanks world famous crab cakes! They are awesome!!! Not to mention the best crab dip and she crab soup! A must stop by for all seafood lovers!!!  It goes great with San Pellegrino Blood Orange drink…another great suggestion from Mr. HANK!

CooLonda C.

Their food and service are outstanding!! They stayed open in the rain for us at the Sea Pines Farmers Market.  Their crab dip and soup are wonderful and I am extremely hard to please when it comes to good She Crab Soup as I grew up eating some of the best.  IT is definitely worth a visit to their booth and you won’t regret your purchase.

Jennifer H.

We went to Bluffton Market today and tried the Crab dip. It was delicious! So fresh and creamy! We met Hank too. He is a great guy. So friendly and nice! We will be back next time we are in Bluffton.

M B.

Simply awesome food and friendly service! So glad we found this place and can’t wait to cook the crab claws! Stay tuned for that……

Stuart B.

While browsing the Farmer’s Market in Port Royal, we came upon Hank’s stand.  We bought the crab cake and she-crab soup combo.  The soup was really good and so was the crab cake.  I prefer remoulade with crab cakes instead of tartar but I will be back either way!  Thanks for making great food, Hank!

Sonya C.

To quote my husband, “Quite possibly the best crab cake a I’ve ever had, and I lived in Maryland.” And he was right (but don’t tell him I said so.) And the tarter sauce that comes with it is, without a doubt, the best I’ve ever had… Hit the Farmers Market, and tell Hank that I sent you…

Suzi H.

I look forward to having their tasty crab cakes, she crab soup and crab dip on Saturdays at the farmers market. It’s hard to decide which one I want when I get there, so I normally have them in pair. They also have great deals. Great ppl, very friendly and quality food at a great price. Love this place. 🙂

Winnie H.

Loaded with crabmeat, thick & creamy, And the best tasting so far. Every spoonful is a mouthful of exquisite pleasure. Served with a shake of Sherry on the top. In my opinion,”The Best” !!!      All others are wanna be’s.   I order She Crab soup wherever I travel. I have been all along the East Coast From Jersey to Florida and have found no better. I highly recommend trying some. you will not be disappointed.

Walter J.

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